Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Perfect Grilled Cheese?

I am running a survey out there based on the perfect grilled cheese. This all started because of recipe and article I found in December's Saveur magazine. The recipe was a simple grilled cheese made out of sourdough bread, unsalted butter, and comte cheese. I cooked that sucker up and it was amazing. Then I realized there has to better combinations that I am missing. So here are some of the results I found on day 1. I hope to get another onslaught of responses so that I may post a follow-up.

Tanya at Belmont Butchery

If I'm eating a grilled cheese... ham and gruyere on brioche/or some soft egg bread... a skim coat of mayo on the bread, mayo down on the griddle, when brown pull off griddle. Top browned side of bread with grain mustard, good sweet ham, gruyere, top with bread - again browned side to food. Finish on a griddle, with a skim coat of mayo on the outside of the sandwich - cook until browned and cheese is melty.

Ben at Belmont Butchery

Grilled cheese shouldn't be gussied-up. It's american and it's simple. In fact, it should be a rule that you can't add any more than two toppings to it, anything beyond that is bullshit. SO, with that in mind...

  • white or wheat (personal preference white)
  • unsalted butter
  • 2 slices kraft american cheese
  • If I'm "Going Big" I'll add one slice of tomato and chopped jalapeno. If I'm drunk I'll sub the jalapeno for Texas Pete

Julia at River City Cellars

Mine is not so much the traditional, I prefer to call it the heart attack snack--it was my celebration for when I FINALLY got my cholesterol checked and found out it was absurdly low. I love genetics!

  • Take a cakey bread like challah and slice off a 1.5-2" chunk. slit the side open enough to stuff with salty ham or prosciutto. grate a meltable alpine cheese or combo (aged gruyere+appenzeller, or just comte) and stuff that in, too. 
  • heat a griddle or cast iron pan. add butter.
  • in a shallow bowl beat an egg, a pinch each of salt and white pepper and a bit of milk (or if you're really thumbing your nose at the gods, half and half) and coat the stuffed sammy like french toast. not so much it starts to fall apart but enough to soak in a bit.
  • fry that 6,000 calorie delight until golden on both sides and melted inside.
  • open a yummy white (Loire chenin or better yet, brut Champagne).
  • cancel all plans for the rest of the evening because in 22 minutes you will have face-planted into a carb coma.

Sarah at River City Cellars

Crusty bread, butter, Meadowcreek Farms- Grayson, pickles

I wish I could cook

For me, thick, spongy bread, lots of butter, basic Cheddar-esque singles, tomato and sometimes ham when I'm feeling kinky.

In vino veritas

sourdough bread brushed with REAL unsalted butter grilled with swiss and tomatoes. and smushed. for some reason, i have to smash it with a spatula

RVA Foodie

Butter, bread and cheese.

  • The bread should be thin sandwich style (white/wheat/whichever).
  • The butter should be unsalted (Karen says to put it on both sides of each piece of bread! but I think that might be overkill).
  • The cheese should include "american processed cheese food" and maybe one other variety from the fridge (but not too fancy).
  • The sandwich should be pan fried until golden, then flipped and pressed flat with a saucer so that there's a little circle in the middle of the bread. Both sides need to be crunchy and butter-logged.


  • sauteed thinly sliced onions and fresh homegrown tomatoes
  • sauteed apples and thinly sliced onions, and brie tween white bread
  • nabulsi cheese. it stands alone
  • fresh mozzarella, steamed greens lightly sauteed in garlic and butter or olive oil

Josh from Ch'ville

From the pan: butter, sweet potato bread, sharp honey mustard, fresh chopped basil, s & p, cheese blend (last time was chevre, sharp cheddar, havarti dill, smoked Gouda)

Carol from Cap1

Cooked in a frying pan, 2 pieces super thick white toast with butter, cream cheese and thickest velveeta slice ever with pepper sprinkled on top


Fresh basil pesto, tomato, mozzarella, dill havarti and prosciutto ham

Café Caturra

Sharp cheddar, provolone and vine ripe tomatoes grilled on panini bread


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pjpink said...

My favorite grilled cheese is at Tarrant's - grilled on Texas Toast with ham and bacon (and tomato, if you like tomatoes). Mmmm!

Veron said...

Sorry, I was not able to get back to you in time. Grilled cheese plain and simple...white bread and american kraft cheddar. Oh and a bottle of coke to go with it.

RVA Foodie said...

here's a recipe that Karen sent me: